Interior Moss Art That Will Make Your Office Decor Unforgettable

Interior Moss Art That Will Make Your Office Decor Unforgettable

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when entering your office? Do you feel dread and bored-stiff or happy and alert? Believe it or not, the environment you work in may positively or negatively impact your performance and overall health.

Whether you work from home or not, if you’re looking to transform your space into an environment you and others will appreciate, then this decorative moss wall art is perfect for you.

The Meaning of Green

Green represents life, regeneration, synchronization, good fortune, hope, peace, rest, and many other common associations. Many support the idea that green has the power to alleviate anxiety and depression as well. With all the positive connotations of the color green, it’s no wonder why moss is a popular choice for the ultimate Zen experience.

Enhance the neutral colors of your wall or wooden wall panels with this eye-catching greenery of that calls to mind a peaceful forest. Go big with the 29” large size or 20” inch medium moss circle, and be inspired to celebrate the idyllic characteristics of the natural world whenever you want. 

Elegant, Cursive Letters for Your Walls

Your office should be as unique as you are. People will remember your message with the elegant cursive font of this breathtaking custom-made lettering option. It is perfect to hang above your computer desk or bookshelf as a daily reminder of your closeness with Mother Nature.

Make A Bold Statement with Block Letters

Create positive energy and serenity with our custom block letters serving as the perfect focal point for big or small offices. The customization of moss lettering adds a unique element to your wall and will look great under ceiling light, casting on its various shades of green and hint of yellow. Its thick shaggy texture feels pleasant and will remain fresh all year round. Decorate your wall with your favorite quote, saying, or name in bold and expect to receive compliments for your notable taste in interior design. 

The Vesica Pisces Eye: Moss Sacred Geometry

The symmetrical circle and triangular shapes on the Vesica Pisces Eye will bring add a soothing art piece to your environment. This beautifully detailed artwork featuring two intersecting circles inside a perfect disk seems designed to alleviate stress. The various patterns you see in your everyday life detailed in this artwork make it a picture-perfect masterpiece.

The Numerous Benefits of Botanical Art

Moss can take on so many shapes and sizes, making it the perfect personalized interior decoration for anyone that wants to brighten up their home or work office. Along with its wellbeing and mood-boosting benefits, moss is easy to maintain and safe for the environment.

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