Living Plant Art for Indoor Spaces

Living Plant Art for Indoor Spaces

If you wander in and out of modern spaces these days, you will notice an abundance of plant life indoors. Certain design trends like tropical, bungalows, jungle, have encouraged the resurgence of plant life indoors – and not the wax variety, but real living foliage! It is only natural that this has transformed into living plant art for indoor spaces. 

At Plant the Future, we celebrate biophilic design as not only a trend but a way of life that feeds your soul, your creativity, and your energy among other things. Read on to see how we live this truth in everything we create and offer.

Design Studio 

Our biophilic design products have included green walls featuring live & preserved plants; biophilic wall installations including bark, mushroom, and other natural materials; potted plants, interior gardens, and hanging plants. Our landscape design and installations have also inspired our botanical art, moss murals, framed moss artwork, and large scale special commissions.

One example of our large scale projects includes Starbucks. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with them in four locations: Savannah, Orlando, Miami Beach, and Maryland. In each store, we created an immersive and surreal experience of being one with nature. The designs at these locations were both inspired by the local flavor and to reflect Starbuck’s mission and ethics. 

We have also provided these services for hotels, restaurants, private residences, and galleries.  

Decorative Planters

Our decorative planters represent our most playful and most innovative art pieces. From creatures of fantasy and lore to oasis’ in miniature, we envision your spaces as more than just a place to hang your coat. Your living spaces are where we dream, love, and create memories with those who cross our paths.

Some of our favorites are Munny from the Kid Robot universe; Stormtroopers from the Star Wars universe; our walking horses with wicked mohawks; and our whimsical terrariums. Each figurine has its own charming personality that will have it choosing you and not the other way around.

Wall Art

Some of our most popular pieces are our preserved moss wall art pieces. They are easy to combine with a number of styles and preferences. You can make them a cool centerpiece or just an accent to a larger room theme. We have letters, words, geometric patterns, and one-of-a-kind creations using preserved moss. You can also create a custom moss sign directly on our website.

Preserved moss was once alive and through a special process, maintains its spring and earthiness without requiring any maintenance such as watering. The sun will not harden the moss but it will fade it over time, so we don’t recommend hanging it in a place with direct sunlight. 

Haute Couture Plant Art Is At Plant The Future

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world where art and nature intersect? We also work with crystals, traditional planters, and orchids for those with a more subtle approach to their biophilic art.

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