Moss Centerpieces: Unique Arrangements Made With Preserved Moss

Moss Centerpieces: Unique Arrangements Made With Preserved Moss

Something about moss fascinates and calms the observer. Perhaps it is the deep green coloring or the spongy look that reminds of wandering deep in a forest. At Plant the Future, we harness that feeling with unique arrangements and centerpieces made of preserved moss that are sure to surprise and delight visitors to your home while bringing a smile to its inhabitants. See our choice three that represent the spectrum available in our inventory.

Small Natural Wood Orb

This Natural Moss Wood Orb invites you to connect with your feeling of touch. Unlike the roots of most plants, moss can attach to many different kinds of surfaces. While often pictured in a forest at the base of a tree, moss also commonly proliferates on rocks, cement sidewalks, brick walkways and walls, wood siding and furniture, as well as many other hard surfaces.

This reminds us to be open to the many different experiences in life as we weren’t meant to stay in one place, and to embrace many different lives within one. At a diameter of 4″ – 6″, all natural wood orbs are unique and vary in appearance and size.

Large Natural Wood Low Bowl

Contrary to the popular myth, mosses don’t just grow on the north side of trees, though moss does grow anywhere they can avoid the sun’s intense rays. These little, unassuming green clumps can actually persevere in the strangest places but love to be cradled in the strong arms of a wooden bowl like this moss arrangement. This reminds us to not be afraid to take refuge from the harsh circumstances we put ourselves in and to cocoon ourselves in the place we feel happiest as often as possible.

All natural wood bowls are unique and vary in appearance and roughly 18” in diameter in size.

White Wood Trough

Imagine a long table with those you care about most around you and this white wood trough as the perfect thing to tie them all together. In Japanese gardens, moss is a fundamental feature. Used for both its beauty and versatility, moss is left free to grow on stones, walkways, benches, statues, and most any other garden surface. It’s also been brought inside the house to evoke the tranquility of the outdoors to their simple aesthetic. All the moss will bring the calmness and peace of a garden into your life.

Care Instructions

All centerpieces use preserved moss that requires no regular maintenance. Keep indoors or out of direct sunlight and rain to avoid fading. We recommend lightly spraying with water to refresh and fluff the moss after shipping or installation.

Plant The Future Wants Moss To Feature In Your Life

We want to invite others into our world and take back a token that reminds their spirit of its truest self. These arrangements and many more in our inventory will look great in your home, office, or business. 

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