Plants as Gifts: The Unique Meaning Behind Each Plant

Plants as Gifts: The Unique Meaning Behind Each Plant

The symbolism and spiritual energy of plants makes them an intimate, powerful gift.

Plants are simple creatures, but they are rich with unique meanings. In today’s society, plants serve more than just nourishment for humanity. Their nourishing presence transcends their appearance. Plants are so powerful they can even alter the moods of any room.

Let’s explore some plants that make the perfect gift for different occasions.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid: The Butterfly in Flight

Well known for the rich diversity of their flower structures, the Phalaenopsis Orchid makes a great gift for any occasion. While some have single flowers, most have inflorescences with multiple flowers arranged around a stalk. They represent feminine energy in its maximum equilibrium. They remind us to honor our first mother, mother earth.

This alluring and elegant plant looks wonderful on stands on pedestals and in the center of tables for any room. Don’t delay your adoration for mother earth; let the butterfly in flight reflect your love for nature.

Handblown Large White Terrarium: Magical Desert

This magical desert ecosystem features a variety of high quality cacti and succulents, soil, gravel, and rocks.  You can place it practically anywhere in the house but we recommend placing it in the center of tables for maximum impact.

Inside, a magical ecosystem lives and grows with a collection of bright cacti, richly layered soil, and gravel. This low-maintenance plant is one of the easiest ways anyone can begin to develop their “green thumb” and of course makes one memorable gift.

Like many other plants, the cactus too has meaning. It’s a symbol of maternal love because it can endure and thrive in harsh conditions and therefore symbolic of a mother’s unconditional love.

With that in mind, this constitutes the perfect gift for mothers on any occasion. It’s perfect option to show the woman you love or your mother your unconditional appreciation.

Money Trees : Good Fortune

This little green beauty symbolizes ‘good fortune’. Money trees are great gift plants for co-workers and business contacts as they are both memorable and decorative. Additionally, they make excellent office plants, as they prefer indirect lighting and require very little water.


Plant the Future is passionate about the creative process behind decorating with plants. We have helped bring the power and energy of the natural world to a diverse range of spaces ranging from private residences to luxury hotels.

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