Terrariums for Hotels, Spas and Restaurants

Terrariums for Hotels, Spas and Restaurants

Terrariums are becoming a popular decorating trend because they are a fresh alternative to cut flowers everyone tends to use. Terrariums can be made using mini tropical plants and live moss or desert plants, which is the type of terrarium we specialize in. As opposed to cut flowers which are beautiful for only a week or so, Terrariums can last for many months and even years if properly taken care of and maintained. We use a variety of cacti and succulents and a number of distinct glass containers which create a nice variety of arrangements. Terrariums can be used as centerpieces, decoration for a bar or a check-in counter, and in many other locations areas of your business.

Tabletop Plant and Pebble Decorations: Handblown Large Black Terrarium

Of the many tabletop decorations we offer, this terrarium tabletop decoration is among our most sophisticated. The free-form glass terrarium is made by hand. It can be used as a centerpiece, a fixture for a pedestal, or any small table or stand. Within the flowing glass is a magical desert ecosystem. The interior of this terrarium is a garden of healthy cacti, succulents, soil, gravel and rocks. These plants are so low maintenance that you have an opportunity to develop your green thumb. It is remarkable to see the types of connections people can begin to develop with the plants. You might even come up with names for them!

Unique Tabletop Decorations for Any Room: Cone Medium White Terrarium

Out of the many artistic decorations we offer, this cone-shaped terrarium is truly unique. There are so many details involved that the total effect is a full-on “wow” factor. It features such a distinct shape that it will catch the eye of people from afar. Up close, there are many secrets for people discover. The plants on the inside are so easy to care for that you get an opportunity to develop a “green thumb” with them. Notice the cake-like layering in the black and white sand at the bottom. Note the contrast of cool, green succulent leaves and the brighter, popping notes of pink.

Fun Tabletop Decorations To Brighten Up The Room: Fishbowl Large White Terrarium

One way to delight and surprise guests to your hotel, restaurant or spa is with this fishbowl shaped terrarium. These low-maintenance plants are perfect for people who are new to plants or lack confidence in their ability to pick up a complicated maintenance routine. These plants are a great way to freshen the air and appearance of your spaces. Avoid direct sunlight because the bowl-shaped nature of the glass can act as a magnifying glass and burn the leaves of the plants.

Learn More About Terrariums for Your Hotel, Restaurant, Or Spa

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your hotel, restaurant or spa, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than these terrariums. From the layers of sand on the bottom to the colorful gravel and spiky leaves and spines, this display capitalizes on the natural energy and contrasts of substances from the earth. We would be happy to help you find terrariums that bring out the best in whatever environment you want to enliven. 

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