Tropical Landscape Design: an Overview by Plant the Future

Tropical Landscape Design: an Overview by Plant the Future

All over the world, when people think of tropical environments, they think of paradise. This idyllic association is one of the most positive emotional connections people have. It’s evocative of rich, nourishing, peaceful spaces, where humans commune with luscious trees and foliage. This is why people all over the world have fallen in love with tropical landscape design.

Tropical Landscape Design: The Full Sensory Experience

Helping people connect deeply with a place means offering a full sensory experience. The visuals are green and varied in color. The sounds are the wind running through the fanning leaves. The cool of the shade. The lapping of water on stones from a pool. Let’s explore some elements that help bring a vision like this together.

What are the Common Characteristics of Tropical Landscape Design?

Tropical landscaping makes use of a wide selection of design elements. The key concepts that really come forward in this type of design tend to be gardens and groves filled with lush, bright plants, pink quartz stone pieces that capture the sunlight, and perhaps some figurines to add lively surprises and character to space.

A Selection of Plants that Infuse Tropical Elements into Landscaping Design

Fanning plants such as the Phoenix Roebelini can serve as an excellent way to shade plants that can’t get too much direct sun exposure. Its narrow leaves spread out in the relaxed, elegant and organic look of tropical environments.

You can get a similar effect using the dracaena arboreal, which has thicker leaves in a darker shade of green. Both of these plants work exceptionally well when interspersed with popping colors, which can be added with the simple addition of a bird of paradise. These flowers are perfect because their famous bird-like shape calls to mind the bright parrots you would expect to see in a tropical location.

Inspirational Examples of Tropical Landscape Design at a Diverse Selection of Locations

Private residences such as these in Miami features beautiful tropical leaves low and high. These shade pink quartz rocks, vines, and fountains, and blooming flowers, all of which create a feeling of serene energy. These design features are some of the best ways to decorate a pool. The water enhances the paradisiacal tropical effect, while the plants help shade the water from the sun, which can sometimes heat it up too much. These palm leaves can also shade bathers from sunburn.

Learn More About Tropical Landscaping Design with Help from Expert Designers and Artists

If you’re inspired by these tropical landscaping designs, get in touch with Plant the Future. Here at Plant the Future, we are passionate about the creative process. We love to help people bring their dreams for a bright, green and creative landscape to life. 

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