Unique Plants and Planters You Can Buy Online

Unique Plants and Planters You Can Buy Online

Interior design is becoming synonymous with biophilic design. More and more we are realizing the omnipotent and omnipresent impact of plants and nature in our living spaces. At Plant the Future, foliage indoors is not done in your typical fashion. We have created and curated a unique aesthetic that is playful and powerful on the psyche.


These figurine planters come from our imagination and entertainment. The things that bring you joy are not by accident, they are your calling. Celebrate both your plant loving side and your design-loving side with these fanciful figures.

Stormtrooper Sculpture

Although Stormtroopers are soldiers that are programmed to work for the Dark Side, with plants in their head, these have decided to go into the light. In the path of life, you too can choose to be on the dark side or live in the light. The cactus, just like a soldier, stands for strength and resilience. Behind their tough exterior is softness and vulnerability.

This flower pot is sure to become a focal point in your living room and a reminder that even Stormtroopers have a side that is just a sensitive plant in a planter pot looking for their place in the universe. Care is simple: place in bright light close to a window. Then simply spray the plant 3-5 times at the base once a month.

Munny Mini Mohawk

This collaboration with the Kid Robot universe presents to you the legendary MUNNY with a mohawk of air plants on its head. This planter set reminds us to be playful and reach into our imagination every day. Gazing upon MUNNY and his wild-child nature will remind you to embrace your inner child, fantasy and play. Each one of the Munnies is a one-of-a-kind art piece so no two are the same, like every flower in the world.

This ceramic planter has an Andreana airplant. Unrooted, it lives off of the humidity in the air. Kid Robot joins Plant The Future in showing off our rebellious and carefree sides as well – just don’t place him in direct sunlight and give him a spritz once a month.

Quartz Planters

Our quartz planters are among our most popular for combining the practices of crystal therapy and biophilic design. Like our customers, we are enchanted with the harmonious blend of colors, energies, and textures that vibrate from our selected favorites.

Rose Quartz with Cactus

Rose Quartz beckons confidence and self-love by linking us to the heart chakra of Mother Earth. With it, we are open to the energy of healing and growth as well as how to give and receive pure love. Just like your heart, be gentle with its cactus center. Only water once a month and allow it to return to its natural state.

Amethyst Crystal with Cactus

The Amethyst Crystal with Cactus represents calmness, strength, and clarity. With the combined strength of cacti, the combination will connect you with happiness and tranquility. This flowering plant reminds us of the energy centers found in North America. Place it in a hanging planter to elevate this unique planter to heights you wish to achieve in life.

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