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Valentine’s Day 2021 – Gifts inspired by nature

Valentine’s Day 2021 – Gifts inspired by nature

As the universal day to celebrate love approaches, we want to provide you with a list of pieces that would make beautiful gifts on this special day; one that will lift and strengthen your spirit, while bringing you closer to your environment.  

Clear Quartz Garden

Clear Quartz is the most powerful crystal in the mineral kingdom. This crystal amplifies any energy or intention you set your heart and mind on, helping you align with your higher self and allowing you to reach your maximum potential.

Self-Love Magic Box

“As within, so without” is the mantra of this box, that not only takes care of your mind and spirit, but your body as well. It contains a rose quartz wand, a rose quartz roller, palo santo and sage, promoting self-love, improving circulation, protection and growth, making way for the kind of love you truly desire and deserve.

Protection Magic Box

With a combination of Black Tourmaline, Palo Santo, and White Sage, this makes up for the ideal gift if you want to purify your space from negative energy. These three sacred elements combined invite wisdom, creativity and clarity to your life and relationships, allowing you to heal past wounds that might be hindering your spiritual growth as an individual or as a couple.

Moss Heart Mini 

Give the gift of sweet, soft and tender love with this beautiful piece which you can hang on your wall or rest somewhere visible. Not only will it adorn your space beautifully, it will also bring you peace, calmness and serve as a reminder to give and receive love.

Biophilia Home Fragrance

With base notes of bergamot, orange, petitgrain, mint and rosemary; Plant the Future’s original, classic home fragrance creates an awakening of the senses. It has been designed to bring joy and strength, relieve depression, and open your heart to love, happiness and loyalty.

Moss Love Sign

This sign is crafted with two important elements: moss and the word “LOVE”. While moss brings the calmness and peace of the forest to your life, making space to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, the word LOVE works as a reminder to show appreciation to our loved ones. This is a powerful gift of manifestation. 

Biophilia Candle

This candle features a bergamot based scent that transports you to the feeling of morning dew on a beautiful countryside, helping your body release tension and encouraging peace of mind and spirit. This will, ultimately, create space in your mind and your life to give and receive love more freely. 

Germany Round w/ Orchids

The Phalaenopsis Orchid is like a butterfly in flight. They represent feminine energy in its maximum equilibrium, bringing enchantment and attraction, drawing others in through the opening of the heart to beauty and love.

Tokyo Garden

With an array of different cacti, this bowl is a beautiful garden inspired in Tokyo’s minimalist, vibrant and contemporary style. It symbolizes resilience, strength of body and spirit and adaptability; all meaningful and powerful virtues to bring upon a relationship with someone you care about and want to keep in your life. 

Tokyo w/ Succulent

Growing in very arid, sunny and dry climates, this garden of succulents, symbolizes tenacity and tolerance. They hold on to water, storing it as a precious gift needed for survival. This arrangement works to remind you to keep the things that are truly important close to you and your heart, and to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Handblown Terrarium

Contrary to what it may appear, cacti’s power lives on the inside. It represents both, strength and softness, very much like a loving relationship between two people, reminding you to stay strong and loyal to your inner-self, as that is where your beauty resides.

Germany Boat Small w/ Orchids

This triple orchid arrangement is the embodiment of beauty, love, desire and strength. Comprised of, not only orchids, but moss and an airplant, it’s a beautiful ecosystem that resembles the beauty of love and its many dimensions. Their symbolism is quite perfect for enhancing your relationships, especially the one with your lover.

Fiddle Leaf Tree

This is a 3 to 4 year old tree that, if well taken care of, will live a long time, very much like human connections. Its purpose is to inspire us to share our creative energy and desires. The fruit, also known as fig, resembles a womb, symbolizing fertile times, not only to conceive, but to create new things.

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