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March in Paris is buzzing with free exhibitions that are too good to miss. Vogue took a tour around the city, from Bon Marché to La Villette, and here's the scoop on what's hot right now.

First up, the Saint Laurent Rive Droite boutique is showcasing stunning photographs from the Fahey Klein Gallery in LA, all handpicked by Anthony Vaccarello. It's a who's who of photography legends like Steve Schapiro and Arthur Elgort, all capturing the essence of Saint Laurent's liberating world.

Then there's "À deux c'est mieux" at Bon Marché Rive gauche, celebrating love in all its forms through ultra-creative duos. The highlight? The Hotel di Sézane by Morgane Sézalory, an Italian-style love cocoon that's just too cute.

Christian Louboutin's baroque universe is on display at the Galerie du Passage, thanks to Pierre Passebon. It's an eclectic mix of furniture, decorative pieces, and photos that dive deep into Louboutin's love for exotic finds. Plus, there's a chance to get your Louboutin book signed by the man himself!

Jean-Pierre Laffont's exhibition, "Mes stars en Amérique" at the Galerie de l'Instant, takes us on a journey through America with celebs from the Sixties. It's a nostalgic ride with shots of icons like Brigitte Bardot and Martin Luther King, capturing the essence of an era.

Over at the Plaza Athénée, "Naturellement Plaza" brings together 14 artists focusing on nature and environmental concerns. It's a contemporary take on our connection with the Earth, featuring artists like Paloma Teppa and Claudia Meyer.

DreamWorks Animation's 25th anniversary is being celebrated at the Art Ludique museum. This exhibition is a behind-the-scenes look at how classics like Shrek and Madagascar were made, featuring over 200 works from the studio's archives.

Lastly, La Villette's "100% l'Expo" is a creative explosion, giving a platform to a hundred young artists from top schools. It's a mix of wooden figures, poetic photographs, and colorful canvases, showcasing the future of contemporary art.

So there you have it, seven stunning exhibitions in Paris this March that are absolutely free and totally worth your time. Whether you're into photography, fashion, animation, or contemporary art, there's something for everyone.

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