10 Ways to Add Biophilic Design Elements to Your Home

10 Ways to Add Biophilic Design Elements to Your Home

Since the dawn of time, we have been living in nature, as we are part of nature ourselves. The bliss and serenity provided by the nurturing presence of trees, water, flora and fauna are unparalleled. But in time, as the modern age advanced, many have lost touch with Mother Earth. Due to the fast living tempo, homes and offices are the places where most of our time is spent. However, to restore that vital connection with nature, a new movement arose – biophilic design. This unique approach entwines the love for nature with interior design and contemporary luxury decor. In addition, there is a certain spiritual allure when combining nature with your home – it elevates the atmosphere of your space while also nurturing your wellbeing. That is why today, we will discuss how you can implement biophilic design in luxury homes and tailor a unique ambiance:

Moss Walls – adding a moss wall designed with preserved natural moss, is a low-maintenance way to bring biophilic design into your space. The wall is fully covered by moss and backed by wooden panels for support. Preserved moss does not require regular maintenance or watering and will maintain its original color and texture for many years. Hiring a biophilic design company to create a seamless moss wall for your home will allow you to experience the beauty of nature everyday, without the maintenance. 

Moss Murals – this design differs from standard solid moss walls. Our moss murals are created using our signature technique in order to evoke shapes and images with preserved moss and wood. Our moss mural collections include everything from nature-inspired patterns to famous images interpreted in moss. Our murals have proven to become focal points in any home or business, contact our design studio to view our collection of moss murals or create a custom mural.

Framed Moss Art – our framed moss art pieces will bring the serenity of the forest into your space. When art is combined with nature, magic happens. Our framed moss art pieces will add authentic beauty and charm to your home. With Plant the Future, you have the option of purchasing a framed moss art piece from our online store or commissioning a custom piece from our design studio.

Hanging Moss Decor – our collection of hanging moss decor will bring biophilic design to your home without taking up floor space. Our collection includes hanging moss spheres, hanging moss cylinders, and moss chandeliers. Browse our collection of hanging moss decor on our online store to discover what we offer.

Tabletop Moss Decor – no home is complete without a centerpiece that says “I love nature”. Our moss tabletop pieces are created for that reason. They are luxurious statement pieces that combine well with the interior of any home. This includes everything from wooden bowls with moss and wooden trunks with moss, to decorative moss spheres.

Wall Moss Decor – our moss wall decor pieces include moss expressions, moss letters, and moss shapes such as hearts, circles, and stars. Our signature moss wall decor collection includes minimalist pieces that have slowly found their way into everyone’s hearts. Visit our online store to browse our collection of moss wall decor.

Floor Plants – naturally, any home should have plenty of plants to create a connection with nature. So, if you want to reconnect with nature in a stylish way, floor plants will help you convey that feeling and aesthetic. 

Plant Figurines – Adding some greenery on top of a figurine is a great way to welcome nature with arms wide open. Visit our online store for unique porcelian figurines with plants, created in collaboration with Lladro.

Terrariums – one of the best ways to bring biophilic design into your home is through a terrarium. Terrariums radiate purity by representing nature in an enclosed space.

Crystals – last but not least, opting for crystals combined with plants, will be something adored by everyone.

There is a certain elevated sense of nature when it comes to creating biophilic designs for homes. If this piques your interest, contact our design studio to create a custom and bespoke moss wall installation, or moss mural. 

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