3 Shower Plants That Will Transform Your Master Bathroom

3 Shower Plants That Will Transform Your Master Bathroom

Adding a plant to your master bedroom can help turn your space for showering, refreshing yourself, and preparing for your day into a better experience. Not only do these plants add a little life and color to the environment, you get to enjoy the benefits of their natural air purifying and detoxifying properties. However, when you are choosing a plant that will work well in your restroom, you need to choose options that fit well in an environment that has low light, or high humidity due to shower steam. These indoor plant pieces are well suited to these conditions and look great in a wide range of bathrooms.

Easy-to-Care-For, Air Freshening Plants: The Kokedama Staghorn, or Fern Plumosa

The fern plumosa is a simple, refreshing plant that rarely needs to be pruned, making it ideal for filtering the air in a bathroom.  Kokedama simply translates to “moss ball”. These plants are part of the ancient art of blending plants together, which goes back to around 1600 AD in Japan.

No-Maintenance Green Plants: Moss Heart or Circles

 What better way to add the emotional positivity of greenery without having to worry about sunlight or watering than through a preserved moss wall hanger in the shape of a heart? Love is a simple, universal message. What makes a better medium than green plant material, which all humans have a connection to that goes back eons. For a simpler but equally eternal message, try this moss circle, which calls to mind the circle of life.

Air-freshening Plants for Bathrooms and Showers: the Staghorn Fern on Acrylic Disk

This buoyant and naturally cheerful staghorn fern is perfect for bathrooms because it can be mounted high on a wall. It will thrive in the typical light and moisture conditions of a shower bathroom set up. Its bouncy ferns make the plant look lively and awake, which is ideal for somewhere you prepare yourself for the day.

How to Learn More About The Ideal Master Bathroom and Shower Plant Pieces

Choosing the perfect piece for your master bathroom and shower means factoring in a number of different concerns. If you have any more questions about what would make the perfect piece for your set up, we would be thrilled to advise you. The creative process is our passion, especially when it comes to interior design. We are confident we can balance your stylistic tastes with the amount of maintenance time you intend to invest. 

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