4 Original Gift Ideas for the Plants Lover

4 Original Gift Ideas for the Plants Lover

There are few better ways to show thought to someone than a gift that makes it clear you are aware of their interests and what they love. The plant lover in your life would probably love a creative and unusual way to express their passion. The key to giving a truly excellent gift is to find either a planter, plant or another relevant piece that has a little bit of a story to it. That can give you yet another way to personalize the gift, and make it truly personal.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas that are unmistakably unique and ideal for gifts.

Sweden Vase – Coral Cactus

This is a quirky plant for a true individual! It’s sure to attract attention due to the fact that it resembles an underwater coral. The Coral Cactus is remarkably resilient and can thrive under the worst caretaker in the world, making it the perfect gift for a busy person, or a beginner who has discovered a new love of plants.

Let Them Express Themselves through the gift of a Mini Cacti Collection

The best thing about this mini cacti collection is that the plants can grow in a wide selection of mini planters that you can find at home using repurposed materials. Try placing one in the bed of an old toy truck, or inside a unique mug to create a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

For pop culture lovers: Stormtrooper Small Garden

Star Wars lovers and plant lovers alike will delight in this stormtrooper helmet garden piece. Not only does this fun piece brighten up any space, there is also a powerful message being sent when an imposing villain like a stormtrooper is recast as a garden. It represents the victory of life and nature.

Give the Gift of Positive Energy: Everyday Magic Box

People who love plants love their energy and natural power. Use the ritualistic items to enrich and energize your spirits with this everyday magic box. You can amplify your love with the power of these healing crystals. The pink quartz holds passion and love, the clear quartz holds power, and the pyrite is for persistence and vitality. To complete the experience, light the California White Sage smudge stick or sacred Palo Santo.

How to Learn More About Ideal Gifts and Interior Décor with Help from Plant the Future

Plant the Future has created a diverse body of botanical art installations in some of the most prestigious locations in the world. From individual homes to hotel lobbies, our work has breathed life and the beauty of the natural world into locations of all kinds. 

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