4 Unusual House Plants for Your Florida Home

4 Unusual House Plants for Your Florida Home

Florida homes are unique because their architecture, character and design overflows with the tropical energy of their environment. Florida is rich with fruits and flowers. It’s drenched in sunshine, and shaded by fanning palms. You can capture all the life and color of Florida landscapes by bringing unusual houseplants into your home. Let’s explore some options that celebrate the natural beauty of Florida.


  1. Milano Cylinder Small White Chinese Fan Palm: Celebrate Florida’s Palm Trees

The first thing natives and visitors alike imagine when they summon a mental image of Florida is its palm trees. These gentle, wafting trees are synonymous with vacation time. There’s something soothing about seeing their palms blow under the influence of warm, gentle winds. You can bring the meditative, relaxed atmosphere of palm trees to your home with a Chinese Fan Palm. This plant lives in a simple Milano cylinder that makes it versatile enough for a wide range of spaces.


  1. Bring the Joy of Florida’s Flowers into Your Home with a Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is one of the most beloved flowering plants in the natural world. The shape of this plant’s flowers reminds people of the tropical plumes and prominent beaks of South Florida’s birds. Birds have long been a symbol of freedom and spirit. South Florida is rich with flowered tree groves with parrots diving in and out of the branches. This union of the two images lets you bring the lively shapes for Florida’s birds into your home.


  1. Soothing Sounds and Fresh Air for Your Space: The Ponytail Palm

Some plants, such as the ponytail palm, are a joy to multiple senses. No trip to Key Biscayne or Peacock Park would be complete without the sound of the wind rustling through palms. When placed near an open window, or fan, the ponytail palm brings bright green color, and the soothing, refreshing sounds of wind going through leaves.

  1. Coral Cactus: A Celebration of Florida’s Seas

Florida’s coasts are one of the state’s biggest natural attractions. You can bring aquatic beauty into your home with a coral cactus. This plant has a unique appearance that always reminds people of beautiful coral reefs, prickly purple anemones, and glinting crustacean shells glinting with mother-of-pearl. Like many cacti, this plant is also very easy to care for, making it an excellent choice for first-time plant owners or busy people. One of the most fun parts of this plant is the tiny animal figurines that surround the cacti, which makes it feel like a whole world waiting to be discovered.

Learn More About Decorating Your Home with Florida’s National Beauty with Expert Artistic Guidance

If you were inspired by the plants above, or simply love evening strolls through Florida, Plant the Future would be happy to help you find indoor plants that bring some of the color and beauty you see in nature into your home. 

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