Beautiful Indoor Plants That Will Last for Years

Beautiful Indoor Plants That Will Last for Years

Indoor plants, when cared for properly, can become focal points of energy, positive emotions, and bright, natural color in your home for years. These quiet creatures grow and evolve alongside you, your friends, and your family. In fact, if you choose the right plant and take good care of it, you can enjoy the company of these life-giving, air-refreshing plants for years to come. Giving it a place in your home is a wonderful way to protect, preserve and celebrate nature. Humans and plants have had a communal relationship since the dawn of time when we relied on these creatures for shade, shelter, clothing, nourishment, and more. Let’s explore some simple indoor plants that can bring peace, life, and color to a home for years.

Milano Low Bowl Small White Cereus Peruvianus: A Bright, Beautiful and Resilient Cactus

The Cereus Peruvianus stands tall in this low, minimalist container. They exude masculine, minimalist energy, making a  wonderful addition to any room. They look great in any corner, indoors or outdoors. Cacti thrive even in harsh desert conditions, making them an amazing choice for a brand new plant owner.

Milano Cylinder Large White Ponytail Palm: Tropical Beauty Brought Indoors

This gorgeous plant has a tropical feeling thanks to its dripping green, narrow leaves. The stalk is planted in a clean white cylindrical container. These plants are famed for the soothing energy they bring to any space. Their shape is naturally lightweight, with buoyant, bouncing simple plants offering an airy and fresh feeling to any space. You can place this in kitchens, spacious bathrooms, bedrooms and many more options.

Milano Tube – Janet Craig: Simple, Elegant Beauty Perfect for Any Space

Milano Tube – Janet Craig container is elegant, simple and charismatic. This plant comes in a tall and narrow container, which gives you a range of options when you are looking for the perfect way to spruce up any location. It fits perfectly into almost any space. In the corners of rooms, where you want energy to be revitalized.

Milano Cylinder – Jade Pothos: Lush, Lively Green Energy for Any Room

The Jade Pothos plant is one of the best selling indoor plants we offer for a reason. It radiates life, health and green energy with a thick collection of broad leaves. It’s one of the best indoor plants you can add to any room, and you may come to appreciate it for years.

How to Learn More About Long-Lasting Indoor Plants, Biophilic Design, and Botanical Art

As expert artists in the space of biophilic, or plant-based art and design Plant the Future has helped numerous individuals, hotels, resorts, offices, and more find the perfect indoor plants for their space.

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