Best plants for your vertical garden and how to grow them

Best plants for your vertical garden and how to grow them

A vertical garden is a very clever and attention-grabbing way to use and optimize your space.  With a vertical garden, or living wall, plants become one of the, if not the, focal point of the space. What makes this really special is that, not only it looks beautiful and makes everything come to life, but it also serves as a calming agent.

Growing and caring for a vertical garden doesn’t have to be difficult. It really comes down to the plants you choose and where your garden is located.

Choose your location

Look at the place where you want to put your vertical garden. Does it get direct sunlight? Or is it partial? Maybe this location gets a lot of wind, or maybe it gets rained on. All of these things have to be taken into account, because not all plants need the same amount of water or sunlight. Which brings me to my next point…

Choose plants that have similar requirements

It is important that the plants you plant on your wall have similar requirements in terms of water, light, feeding and soil. For example, it might be a good idea to choose all tropical plants for your wall as they will probably have similar needs. What this will do for you is that it will make it easier to maintain and all the plants will have a similar life cycle. This way you can feed them and water them at the same time and they will keep fresh for longer without need too much work.

Best plants for indoor vertical gardening

Vertical and living walls are not great just for the outdoors! They work beautifully inside your home, too. Here are some of the best plants for the job:


They are beautiful on any space, adding a touch of femininity and elegance anywhere they go. Orchids need bright, indirect sunlight and fertilizer about once every two weeks. They grow on trees by latching onto them, so they are used to hanging, making them perfect for this project.


This is popular plant for good reason: it’s extremely easy to care for, it thrives almost anywhere and it has beautiful green heart-shaped leaves. This plant needs water about once a week, once the soil is almost dry. Being a tropical plant, it also requires bright, indirect sunlight. However, it adapts well to most environments. 


These beautiful plants symbolize sincerity, magic, confidence and shelter. They require indirect light, a lot of humidity and a consistently moist soil. The watering schedule will depend on location, level of humidity and light. However, an easy way to decide if your fern needs water is by putting your fingers into the soil and assessing how moist it is. 

Air Plants

These are very fun and easy to arrange on your wall because they don’t really need to be attached or planted to anything in order to grow. This will give you a sense of freedom and allow you to play and be creative. Just like the others, they require bright, indirect light and water about once a week, depending on conditions. 


This is a beautiful plant that is perfect for anyone with no plant experience. It is extremely easy to take care of, while being really pretty and noticeable. It tolerates anything between low light to bright, indirect light. However, it doesn’t like the extremes, which means no direct light or darkness. With pothos it’s better to allow the soil to dry out almost entirely. However, it does prefer humid environment, so keep it away from AC and heater vents. 


Herbs are great for obvious reasons: the embellish your home and provide you with food. Depending on what the lighting conditions are, you will have to choose your plants. If your growing space is in low light, consider mint or lemon balm. Basil, chives, purslane, and parsley do well in partial shade while herbs like sage, thyme, and cilantro thrive in bright sunlight.

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