Biophilic Design Principles and Examples

Biophilic Design Principles and Examples

Biophilia is the innate love for the natural world, deeply rooted in our biology and felt universally by humankind. As human beings, we are innately bound to other living things and our lives are enhanced by connecting with plants. Biophilic design is part of an evolution towards natural, ecologically responsible lifestyle choices.

In the world of art and design, there is a movement towards pieces that emphasize and help humans connect with the wisdom and the beauty of nature. Let’s explore some of the basic principles of biophilic design, and some outstanding examples of this method.

The Source of Biophilic Design - A Connection with Nature

 Biophilic design, by its nature, must center around creating a nurturing, peaceful environment. Plants served as the source of oxygen, shelter and nourishment far before humans ruled the earth. Biophilic design aims to connect people on an emotional level while sharing spaces with plants and nature.

The Use of Natural Materials

Natural materials used our biophilic design include living and preserved plants, bark, wood, mushrooms. Biophilic design mimics nature’s habit of organizing itself into consistent patterns. All things have birth and death cycles, the planets circle the sun like clockwork, and bodies of fluid tend or organize themselves in spheres.

Scale, Adaptability and Feasibility

Biophilic design can be for everybody. From tabletop gardens to massive moss murals, anyone can improve their space with green life. Regardless of the size of the space you want to design, you can find a way to connect with nature.

Biophilic Art and Design from Plant the Future

For Amelie (2017) Triptych – 2Alas Paloma Teppa Collaboration represents the vision of a person connected with a deep connection with nature. This Moss Optical Wall art is easy and ready-to-hang.

Sacred geometry gives significance and meaning to the patterns that occur naturally in the universe. The Pisces Eye Trinity is a symbol of harmonic proportions and a source of strength and power. Moss Sacred Geometry – Trinity Pisces Eye is a celebration of the interacting patterns of nature.

To create a meaningful experience with a loved one, we suggest gifting them a Mini Cacti Collection. Together you can learn to plant cacti using your own creativity to create a garden than you will watch grow. The beauty of this gift box is that you get to choose creative containers such as toy trucks, or pots when planting these mini cacti. As they grow, they will always be reminded of the moment you planted them together.

Learn More About Principles of Biophilic Design, and Examples of this Artform

 Plant the Future creates a variety experience for people everywhere to encounter biophilic design. We are passionate about the creative process, and we love to discuss which design options will give people the chance to interact with nature, and bring the love and happiness that only plants can bring into your life.  Browse through our rich variety of options online, or give us a call at our Wynwood gallery at (305) 571-7177 or at our Miami Beach Gallery at the 1 Hotel at  (305) 604-6716.

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