Creative ways to integrate plants into your interior design

Creative ways to integrate plants into your interior design

We believe plants make everything better. They make a room fresh and come to life, while making you happier, calmer and more productive. In fact, the whole point of biophilic design is to incorporate natural materials and shapes into your space to improve your mental and physical health.

However, with modern life’s busy schedules it’s difficult finding the time to be outside in nature, so the alternative is to bring nature to you with a variety of plants to make your home feel cozier and give it an earthy touch.

Having said that, here are a few creative ideas to fill your house with plants that will look beautiful and are easy to maintain.

Moss Walls

A moss wall is no other than nature and art coming together in a decorative piece that is comprised of real, preserved moss adhered to a wall. Moss is extremely versatile and malleable, which makes it ideal to create different shapes and textures and, because it is preserved, it requires barely any maintenance. Moreover, moss comes in different shapes and colors, which you can combine to give dimension to your design and make it more interesting. To read more about it you can head over to our blog where we explain everything you need to know about them.

Hanging Plants

These are awesome because they don’t take much space, so you can fit them in smaller areas and corners of your house. They add an unexpected layer of decoration to your space, making it multidimensional and adding points of interest. There are a lot of options, but we love bromeliads because they add texture, color and vibrancy. If you are looking to adding more green you can also get a hanging Hoya plant, that, just like bromeliads, are easy to care for and will add a lot of texture to your interior design.

Moss arrangements

Did we say already preserved moss is extremely easy to care for? Moss is great not only for its beautiful, plush look, but it is extremely low maintenance. It will last a long time if you give it a proper placement where it doesn’t get direct sunlight and spray it with water once in a while to keep it fresh. If you are looking for interesting tabletop moss arrangements we have a beautiful selection on our online shop that will add a touch of green and softness. And while we are on the subject, it is worth mentioning that moss is an ancient plant that carries wisdom within itself, bringing the peace and tranquility of the forest to your home.

Have fun with planters

We can’t forget that plants have to be potted in planters and this is another thing you can have fun with decorating and being creative. You can turn almost anything into a pot and we certainly do so at Plant The Future, where we have a wide range of planters, going from natural wood boats to interesting figurines.

Plant Art

If you want something more artsy and that adds more of a “wow factor” to your space you can always turn to art with plants. We have moss art, moss chandeliers and other art collections where we have integrated plants into interesting designs to bring biophilia to life.

Plant The Future is biophilic design studio that prides itself in making people’s lives better through the implementation of nature. Our purpose is to bring you closer to nature to improve your life and heal Mother Earth.

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