Father’s Day 2019: Unique Gifts for Nature Loving Dads

Father’s Day 2019: Unique Gifts for Nature Loving Dads

Father’s Day in the USA is Sunday, June 16th. Dads can be the hardest people to shop for because they seem to never ask for anything! Why not surprise dad with a gift that shows how much you care about not only his outer appearance but also his inner wellness and aspirations? Plant the Future wants everyone to feel empowered through nature. Sometimes dads need to be reminded to check in with themselves as much as they care for everyone else.

Natural Moss Wood Trough Long

This striking Moss Wood Trough will bring the calmness of nature into scenes where a gentle reminder is always welcome. In your office, for example, this can make a powerful statement of the steady strength you wish to emit; similarly, in your home, it speaks to a wild nature that you’ve tamed to reside in your dwelling. Meditating on its silence will allow you to hear your inner voice inviting you to connect with your feeling of touch.

Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading, but otherwise, it makes the perfect hassle-free gift for that special father figure in your life. Available in 16” or 24″ length pieces, each natural wood trough is unique in appearance and exact size.

Moss Sacred Geometry – Triangular Overlays

Fathers wish to pass on their wisdom for a mature mind, body, and spirit. Sacred geometry implies the meaning of these things within patterns found in the universe and expressed in our Triangular Overlays.

Fathers love to teach their children about the intersection of science and nature as part of our primal desire to know the world around us. This singular piece demonstrates the patterns and rules by which certain objects in nature grow and match geometric forms. Let the men in your life geek out about the angles and symbols found in this unique gift for dads everywhere.

At H 30″ x W 30″ x D 3″, this ready-to-hang artwork includes concealed sawtooth hangers and requires no maintenance as it is made with preserved moss.

Magic Box Black – Silver & Gold Aura Quartz

Crystals and Incense are naturally occurring elements that connect us with our truest selves. Dads also need to recharge, so show them that you care about their well-being with this amazing Father’s Day gift. Meditate your goals and hopes while placing these crystals in your space and burning the incense. Appropriate for any setting, place them in your home, work, or meditation space and you will begin to create a connection with that energy.

  • Silver Aura Quartz: A balance of male and female energy, this quartz will align all seven chakras.  
  • Gold Aura Quartz: Through positive thoughts and actions, this quartz will aid clarity and mental focus.
  • Palo Santo: Hold the stick at a 45-degree angle to a flame. Set your intention and the smoke will raise the vibration and draw in positivity.
  • White Sage: Light the sage at the very tips of the leaves. Direct the smoke where you sense any energy that needs to be released.
  • Fire: Fire represents action, passion and wild untamed energy. Place your lit incense on a fireproof surface. Do not leave unattended.
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