Father’s Day biophilic gift guide

Father’s Day biophilic gift guide

The day to shower our fathers with love is steadily approaching. While this special day is easy to overlook, we are here to show you how you can honor him by giving him a meaningful gift. Fathers are, typically, our protectors, providers and a figure of strength and resilience. For that reason, we think giving them something that represents all those things will make him feel special. Think of it as a way to reciprocate with plants everything he has done and what he means to you.

We have put together a gift guide of low-maintenance plant arrangements to make your father feel special.


The munnies are beautiful figurines topped with different kinds of plants. The gardens we put on top range from cacti, to succulents and airplants. They also come in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for any space. They invite you to connect with your inner child, innocence, fantasy and play. Cacti and succulents represent strength and resilience. Airplants, on the other hand, represent freedom of spirit and adaptability. Choose the one that suits your father best!


This collaboration between Plant the Future and Lladró, a world-renowned porcelain sculpture designer features beautiful animal figurines. The rhino garden is a beautiful figurine featuring a beautiful, strong animal. Rhinos are powerful animals that symbolize strength, abundance and wisdom, which suits father’s beautifully. They come with a cacti garden on top that, as mentioned before, they represent strength and resilience. Altogether, this gift symbolizes the pillar that he has been in your life. We also carry the planter on its own, which you could build with him and do it as a bonding activity on father’s Day.


As part of the Lladró collection and, similar to the rhino, we carry a porcelain figurine shaped as a black gorilla. They come with a mohawk made out of airplants, making them interesting and fun.  Gorillas represent honor, compassion and leadership, which is very fitting to the role a father takes on with his children.


This is a contemporary arrangement made with cacti, soil, gravel and rocks, contained in a black, minimalist planter. Cacti stand the test of the elements, enduring the hardest conditions of the desert. They are strong, resilient and reminds us that true beauty remains on the inside. If you are looking for options, you can find this arrangement in varying sizes and topped with succulents on our website.


Very much like all of the other arrangements we have mentioned here, we have another cacti and succulent garden. Our terrariums encapsulate a garden of cacti and succulents that sit on top of sand, gravel and rocks. The clear terrarium acts as a kind of fishbowl, allowing you to see everything that is contained inside it. Everything here creates an ecosystem of balance and strength, representing family ties and enduring love. Our terrariums come in different sizes and different shapes, to suit different tabletops and spaces.


This arrangement makes a perfect gift for the dad that loves adding organic elements into his home or his patio. It is made with lava rock that contains the DNA of the earth after being subjected to high temperatures and pressure. For this reason, it symbolizes strength against all odds. On top of the rock there is a big cacti garden that further enhances that symbolism of strength and endurance.

Head out to our website to look at more arrangements, figurines and floor plants we carry to get the best possible gift for that special father in your life. Additionally, we also offer custom moss signs, made to say anything you want and in any size. If you want more one-of-a-kind gifts we would love to welcome you into our gallery where we carry unique pieces and where you can talk to one of our team members.

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