Floor Plants Bring the Outdoors Inside your Home or Office

Floor Plants Bring the Outdoors Inside your Home or Office

Why do people love adding outdoor plants to their indoor environments? It’s because these quiet, living creatures add a dimension of peace, serenity, and color to any space. It’s not just a question of the subjective impressions created by greenery. Plants literally freshen the atmosphere of a room by removing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen. A higher oxygen content is healthy for people in the room. Here are interior plant designs you may have seen during your stay at high-end hotels.

Plants for Interior Design at your Home or Office: Milano Short Medium White Alocasia Morocco

Broad, spearhead-shaped leaves with a deep dark green color give this floor plant a lightweight feeling. The spearhead leaves are supported by elegant narrow stalks that add to this effect. The simple white pot works in almost any design context. You can have a great time trying this simple shape out against different backdrops. Watch how it takes on a thalassic vibe near pools, hot tubs and spas. However, it is simple enough to work in your bedroom or kitchen as well. The natural contrast between the rounded stones in the pot and the spear-shaped leaves can attract the attention of viewers every time they re-examine the fixture.

Unique Plants To Bring Life And Color To Any Room: Milano Round Large White Licuala

The spreading green fan-like leaves of this large floor plant look great while catching a gentle breeze from an open window, a fan, or through the fence of a comfortable garden. Shapes of objects often suggest a purpose. Something about the beautiful leaves of this plant, which call to mind the shapes of a folded paper fan, seems to freshen the air and suggest motion even if the air is still.

Indoor Plants With Broad Leaves For Living Rooms, Bedrooms, and Office Buildings

Long, spear-shaped leaves on an indoor plant infuse almost any setting with a lush, tropical vibe. Long leaves call to mind the spreading palms of sun-drenched locations like Florida and California and Hawaii- dream destinations for any vacationer. Big leaves also contain more of the molecular structures that turn sunlight into energy and carbon dioxide into oxygen. The simple pot this gorgeous plant comes in adapts to almost any environment. You could see it against the wood paneling of a summer cabin, or the clean tiles of a lobby.

How to Get Interior Plants That Add Luxury to Any Location

Whether you are looking for a plant for your vacation home, year-round home, apartment living room, or office, Plant the Future would be happy to help you find a plant that will bring your entire environment to life. Help people appreciate natural beauty and express your own creativity through your eye for botanical art design. 

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