Holistic Decor Tips for Your Home and Office

Holistic Decor Tips for Your Home and Office

A holistic approach means thinking about the big picture knowing that each change you make to one part affects the whole. A holistic life means living life as wholly as possible and being aware of the impact of your action.

A holistic home connects your mind, body, spirit, and space together…The mind covers the psychology of how you dwell, decorating with intention, and how your emotional issues and challenges actually manifest in your space. The physical aspects such as decor elements, green living, and organization pertain to the body. The spirit covers the invisible energies, the feng shui, the atmosphere, and the soul of your home.”

– Laura Benko, feng shui expert.

A holistic approach to decor shows a deeper understanding that actions are felt by our body, by others, or by our environment as a whole so let Plant The Future give you some tips for your home and office.

At The Office: Magic Box With White Apophyllite

Clear Apophyllite is considered a window into other worlds, bringing us closer to awareness to alternate dimensions.  Apophyllite is the best crystal for Holistic practitioners, healers, and therapists. The vibration it emanates is absolutely beautiful and it is a conduit for pure, universal healing energy. It expands our auric field and opens us up completely, allowing us to become a conduit for Universal energy, which easily pours through our system and out of our hands when working with clients. It is very high vibrational energy, so it can take a little while to get used to.

Crystals are naturally charged with energetic properties from thousands of years of formation in the earth. They have their own personalities and will bring positive energy to your life. Create an intention by thinking about a hope, wish or goal that you want to put your energy into. Place in your workspace and you will begin to create a connection with that energy.

In Your Home: Natural Wood Bowl With Moss

A holistically balanced home is also essential for our body’s regenerative processes. When we want to reduce stress and anxiety, we infuse our homes with all-natural things that promote peace and positive energy. Plants naturally help us feel at ease and can be the key to rest, relaxation, and balance. Much like plants, different woods have different benefits. When you bring live-edge pieces into your home, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some of the infused energy vibes that come with the material.

Living intentionally is a goal for many of us. Our Wood Moss Bowl brings the calmness and peace of the forest into your life with a silence that will allow you to hear your inner voice. Moss invites you to connect with your feeling of touch. The all natural wood bowls are unique and vary in appearance and size.  

Holistic Design With Plant The Future

If you have any more questions about how holistic design can be used in your home or office, Plant the Future would be happy to offer our expertise. We have brought creative visions to life for interior and exterior design for establishments ranging from private residences to luxury resort hotels around the world.

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