Indoor Gardening for Beginners: 5 Tips for Inevitable Success

Indoor Gardening for Beginners: 5 Tips for Inevitable Success

There is a learning curve when educating yourself on how to take care of plants, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated or daunting. In fact, taking care of your indoor plants can be very easy and the benefits will outweigh the work you will have to put into it with these very useful tips. 

Choose your location wisely

Even though you might want to buy all types of plants, it is very important to take into account which plant goes in which space. The reason for this is no other than light. As you may know already, plants are photosensitive: some plants love direct, intense sunlight, like the Desert Candle Cactus; others, such as orchids, love indirect sunlight. So, do some research and choose accordingly, depending on the levels of sunlight in the space where you want to place each plant.

Take the temperature

Plants tend to have a preference when it comes to temperature, and while some plants are more resilient and adaptable than others, we still suggest you measure the temperature of the space you will put them in and match it to the plant’s requirements. Having said that, most indoor plants tend to prefer temperatures that range from 70°F -75°F, which is, on average, the temperature in most homes. 

Think about humidity levels

Some plants love high humidity, which is usually the case with tropical plants like the Heart Leaf Philodendron. Other plants, like cacti, require low levels of humidity, as they are used to withstanding severe drought in the desert. Consequently, humidity levels will vary indoors because of the use of the AC and heater. In general terms, plants that have very thin, paper-like leaves, will require higher levels of humidity. On the other hand, plants that have thick, waxy and leathery leaves will need less humidity. Avoid putting plants that require a lot of humidity in dry areas or next to the AC vent and spray them regularly to keep them happy.

Choose the right soil… or no soil

Nowadays, you have tons of options for your plants. You can choose regular potting soil, you can put your plants in water (hydroponics), or in air (aeroponics). Again, make sure the medium you choose suits your plant and then water accordingly. 

Choose the right planter

The planter you choose will play a very important role in the growth of your plant. Make sure to choose a container that is 2-4 inches larger in diameter, giving your plant room for growth. 

Other small things to look out for:

  •     Dust your plants so it can absorb light properly.
  •     Keep them away from heaters, AC vents, cold windows and drafts.
  •     Make sure there is no light reflection from glass or a mirror hitting your plant directly.
  •     Clean the leaves regularly with a cloth and a bit of water and vinegar to keep pests away.
  •     Move and rotate your plants to they get even sunlight.
  •     Prune your plants to encourage new growth.

Plant The Future’s mission is to help you reconnect with nature and reap its benefits. We focus on biophilic design, which is based on the premise that our bond with nature is innate and that bond works to our benefit on many different levels. We can design your dream interior or exterior garden, based on your taste, lifestyle and requirements.

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