Interior Landscaping Ideas for Modern Office Spaces

Interior Landscaping Ideas for Modern Office Spaces

Creating a modern office place means designing a place meant for humans to inhabit in a natural and productive way. This can be accomplished with the simple addition of some plant-based interior landscaping. Plants have a natural positive energy that will help anyone in an office feel alert and engaged and even happy, all feelings that produce meaningful work and productive environments. Let’s take a look at a few simple options that work well in a professional context.

Pisces Eye Trinity: Meaningful Décor for any Environment

Moss can bring the peace and calm you might find by walking through a forest into your home. This Sacred Geometry wall fixture offers attention and emphasis to the recurring patterns we see in the natural world. The Pisces Eye Trinity represents harmonic proportions and a source of strength and power.
Moss invites you to connect with your inner voice as you might be able to do with a walk in the woods. You get to bring these benefits without the maintenance time that goes into caring for other plants. This display works in a variety of locations because it fades under sunlight, and requires no watering.
Moss brings the calmness and peace of the forest into your life. Its silence will allow you to hear your inner voice. Moss invites you to connect through your sense of touch, which is one of the most powerful ways in which we engage with the world.

Make Creative Decorations for Desktops with Our Mini Cacti Collection

Many people love to add little knickknacks to their desks to make their workplaces feel a little more like home. Instead of the typical cat’s cradle or paperweight. These cacti can make excellent desktop additions. Cacti are tough, resilient creatures with a tender inside. Once planted, they can root themselves in a week or two, and then survive for years. These adaptable little plants can survive in a number of contexts and locations. We recommend recycling old objects you have in your house and repurposing them as planters such as kids toys, trophies, and just simple tin cans.

Learn More About Modern Office Landscaping Options

Plant the Future has helped a diverse range of locations find interior design solutions that make use of the exciting medium of plants. Plants present a range of design options as rich and varied as the natural world itself. Our repertoire includes hotels, spas, lounges, upscale apartments and much more. If you want to learn more about our work, feel free to browse our collection of previous work. You will find projects so big they cover entire walls, all the way down to some so small they fit inside a teacup. 

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