Large Orchid Arrangement: a Truly Impressive Gift Idea

Large Orchid Arrangement: a Truly Impressive Gift Idea

A gift is an important moment. It is your opportunity to connect with someone and give them something that will enrich their lives. A large orchid is a perfect choice for this moment for a number of reasons.

• Orchids are a bright and beautiful flower that will add joy to someone’s life.

• Giving someone a piece of nature taps into the emotional positivity of flowers.

• The recipient gets to remember the joy of getting the gift every time they see it.

Let’s explore some large orchid arrangements that will impress the special person in your life.

Phalaenopsis Orchid: A Lavish Celebration of Mother Earth

The phalaenopsis orchid radiates gentle, feminine energy. It fills any place with an emotionally nourishing atmosphere. When you give a loved one this orchid as a gift, you’re giving a beautiful piece of nature that creates a space that honors our first mother, Mother Earth.

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid: Impress that Special Someone with Natural Beauty

Like a butterfly in flight, this double phalaenopsis delights everyone who sees it with its weightless shapes, bright colors and exuberant energy. This is a truly impressive idea for a gift that will illuminate that special someone’s living room, work desk, or any other setting they choose for it.

Feather Rock – Phalaenopsis Orchid: A Customized Gift Idea

Give someone a custom-made feather rock to offer a colorful, lively flower grounded in a stable, reassuring rock, textured with natural beauty. Each piece is as unique as the plants and rocks that are used to create them, which makes this the perfect piece to build a true relationship with. There’s no better way to impress someone with a gift than to give them something no one else has.

Caring for your Orchid: Important Notes When Giving One as a Gift

Orchids should be watered once a week. Usually, it is best to use a spray bottle to the roots from 35 to 40 times. Do not spray the flower stem, or place this flower in direct sunlight. When the orchid flowers fall, cut the stem below the last flower so that a new one can grow in its place. This is an opportunity for the recipient to commune with their plant, and enjoy a few meditative moments taking care of their orchid.

Learn More About Impressing Someone with A Gift of Beautiful Orchids

If you’re inspired by the flowers you saw above, and want to learn more about giving orchids as a gift, Plant the Future would be happy to help you out. Based in Miami, South Florida, we have a bright a tropical location from which we can draw endless inspiration for both indoor and outdoor botanical art pieces and design. We are passionate about the creative process and helping people find the perfect natural accents and décor for their space. 

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