Mindfulness Home Decor: Designing with Plants in Mind

Mindfulness Home Decor: Designing with Plants in Mind

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious and aware of something. It comes through focusing on the present moment. To make mindfulness the purpose of interior design is to design a place that promotes peace, focus and consciousness.

Plants offer the following to any space they decorate:

•  The soothing focus that comes with the color green
•  The fresh, purified air that plants generously give at all times
•  The gentle shapes and motions of their leaves
•  The soothing routines of nurturing and caring for a quiet, living creature

    When you design with plants in mind, you promote mindfulness and consciousness of Mother Nature, and all she has given us in terms of shelter, nourishment, and companionship.

    Let’s explore some botanical design options that promote consciousness and mindfulness.

    Licuala: Mindfulness Through Green, Clean Design

    The Licuala is a perfect plant for promoting mindfulness. Its clean, simple, natural shape promotes focus, and a sense of alert calm. Smooth, white stones surround it. Mindfulness is about being in the moment. When this plant’s sale-like leaves catch the wind, they move in a gentle, hypnotic way that can help you meditate.


    Janet Craig Milano Tube: Perfect for Contemplation

    The three plants in this Jent Craig Milano tube promote contemplation, which is a key stepping stone on the path towards mindfulness. There are so many things that come in threes. It’s been a number of good fortune and symbolism for a long time. It’s a sleek, narrow plant that fits into any nook or cranny.

    Bird of Paradise: Contemplate the Beauty of Nature within Your Interior Design

    Nature comes up with designs and beauty to match the hand of any human artist. Few plants will enchant you into a focused, meditative state like the bird of paradise. This plant unifies the energy of animals and plants into one being. It brings a focal point to any room’s interior design, thus promoting mindfulness and joy.

    Ficus Lyrata: Meditative Energy to Bring Mindfulness to Your Interior Design

    Mindfulness and wisdom go hand in hand. This Ficus Lyrata is a fig tree native to western Africa. It grows in rainforests, and lowland tropical areas. It symbolizes wisdom and projects an energy that will amaze you with its power to create a meaningful bond with the other living inhabitants of a space. The Ficus Lyrata gives its caretaker the opportunity to enact mindfulness through nurturing the plant itself.

    Learn More About the Art of Bringing Mindfulness to Home Décor

    Plant the Future offers plant-based art and design to people who want to bring the power of nature to their interior spaces. We believe mindfulness and attention to nature go hand in hand. We love helping people bring the peace and power of green life into their homes. We are passionate about the creative process that goes into envisioning a personalized, intimate and human space. 

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