Moss Walls: what you need to know

Moss Walls: what you need to know

Preserved moss is a versatile, all-natural, sustainable material that, because of its eye-catching quality, it has become the must-have biophilic element. Moss walls are a fusion between art and nature, coexisting beautifully to improve your life and wellbeing. They bring the energy, liveliness and lushness of nature to your space without adding any extra work for they are very low-maintenance and user-friendly.

What is it?

You may be wondering what exactly a moss wall is and it is no other than nature and art coming together in a decorative piece that is comprised of real, preserved moss adhered to a wall. Moss is extremely versatile and malleable, which makes it ideal to create different shapes and textures and, because it is preserved, it requires barely any maintenance. Moreover, moss comes in different shapes and colors, which you can combine to give dimension to your design and make it more interesting.

What is the benefit?

If you think back of moments when you have felt at peace and happy, it is very likely you were in nature. Nature is incredibly wise, peaceful and graceful and, by bringing nature into our space, you also bring its beauty and knowledge, which makes us calmer and happier.

This is the whole purpose of biophilic design: to reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing. As the world continues to expand and urbanize, these qualities are more important than ever.

For this reason, as biophilic design suggests, we should bring nature and natural elements into our everyday space. Moss walls brings not only visual natural cues, but tactile and olfactory, which enhances and expands the benefits of biophilic design.

Another benefit of moss walls is that they help absorb sound, which makes it great if you want to create a more peaceful and quiet environment. In addition, it can regulate levels of humidity in a room, absorbing excess moisture or releasing moisture of the room has grown dry.

Last, but not least, moss is a powerful plant that cleans toxics from the air, even after it has been harvested and preserved. It works hard to absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants from air to purify it, improving your overall health.


Depending on the placement of the wall, it may require varying amounts of maintenance and upkeep. However, generally speaking, they require little to no maintenance if placed in the appropriate environment.

  • Make sure that your moss wall doesn’t receive direct sunlight, as this may lead to browning.
  • The room should have a moderate level of moisture to keep it looking fresh and lush. If the room is dry you may want to use a humidifier.
  • We also recommend spraying it with water every so often to keep it well moisturized and green.

Plant The Future is a biophilic design studio that has taken upon the mission to bring humans closer to nature and into your space. We help you design your dream moss wall, garden and overall landscaping design, whether it is in your house, office, retail space or patio. 

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