Mother’s Day 2019: 3 Unique Plant Gifts

Mother’s Day 2019: 3 Unique Plant Gifts

This year, Mother’s Day in the USA falls on Sunday, May 12th. Many of you might be attending or organizing an event that celebrates mothers in all the forms they take in our lives, biological and spiritual. While regular flowers are lovely, why not honor these figures with unique gifts that will dazzle and inspire all year round?

As a designer, Plant The Future founder, Paloma Teppa, finds inspiration in biophilic design and the life-giving energy found in nature. As a mother herself, Paloma started her company so she could create a world worth leaving to her young daughter, Amelie. By actively shaping the world she wants, Paloma is showing her daughter — and all of us — that people are at their best when we embrace nature.

Here are some of the latest personalized gifts designs that will be sure to top your mother’s day gift ideas.

Biophilic Figurines

Munny Small Mohawk - Small Juncea Airplants Figurine

What better way to remind your mom of her wild child than with this Kid Robot universe collaboration that transformed the legendary MUNNY with hair made of airplants on its head.

The Munny will also remind her of your fun days together as a kid and to never stop playing. and reach into our imagination every day. Just like you and your siblings (even your fur ones!), each of these Munnies is a one-of-a-kind art piece.

Horse Small Walking - Juncea Airplants

This unicorn horse plant is the equilibrium between Mother Nature’s two most powerful elements: Earth and Air. This is also a collaboration between two powerful forces - sisters Paloma and Chu Teppa. Celebrate the women you call sister and recognize their mother spirit with this gorgeous mother’s day gift from her sister. Mother horses stand tall, confident, and strong for their children. Stand tall and remind your sisters who are mothers of how they bloom with this awesome mother’s day gift.

How to care for Air Plants

The Tillandsia Juncea comprises the hair of these figurines and is a tropical airplant. that means it requires a room with bright light (but not direct) that will allow the plants to breathe and grow, such as near a door or window. Soak with a spray water bottle at least once a month and use a paper towel to absorb excess water from the moss immediately to prevent staining the figure.  

Heart Shaped Moss Art

This Heart Shaped Moss gift from sons or daughters encompasses everything you could ever want to say with just one powerful symbol wrapped in sweet, soft, and tender moss. Available in small, medium, and large, this last minute mother’s day gift can have a lasting impression as an everyday reminder of the love in your heart for her.

This eye-catching piece brings the calmness and peace of the forest into your environment. It’s great for any room as it is a seamless combination of nature and art. Best of all for your hard-working mother figures preserved moss needs no regular maintenance, simply keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Nature’s Magic Boxes

Introduce your mom to a bit of DIY everyday magic with our Everyday Magic Box. This box includes several aura amplifying elements that will be the gift for mom that makes her shine from the inside out.

  • Clear Quartz for power, amplification, healing.
  • Rose Quartz for love and self-esteem.
  • Pyrite for vitality, will power, confidence.
  • Palo Santo for protection and release.
  • White Sage for purification and wisdom.

Have fun combining these elements and communicating your deepest feelings through the channel of some of nature’s most powerful elements. 

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