Plants to embellish your bathroom

Plants to embellish your bathroom

Plants keep becoming increasingly popular and, even more than that, they have become stylish. A house filled with plants immediately gives the feel of a cozy, homey space where you want to spend a lot of time in. Naturally, this trend has made its way into the living-room, the kitchen, bedroom and, finally, the bathroom.

It makes complete sense that one would like to embellish their bathroom with plants. The reason for that being, at the end of the day, when you get back from work and you want to relax in your bathtub and have a soothing and energizing time, plants will only act as the perfect complement to your Epson salts and warm water. Also, plants will make your bathroom and bath time look and feel like a tropical vacation, so that’s one more reason.

The type of plants you use in your bathroom will depend, of course, on how much light you get, as we will assume that it’ll be a humid environment. However, just to make our lives easier, we are choosing plants that are more versatile and can thrive in many different environments.

Other things you should take into account when getting plants for your bathroom are:

  • Bathrooms are, more often than not, hot and humid. However, their temperature tends to, fluctuate a lot.
  • Not all plants enjoy high humidity.
  • Many bathrooms have low levels of sunlight, if they have windows at all.


This plant with its heart-shaped leaves really makes an impact. The leaves are bright green giving a pop of color to the space and making it come to life immediately. They do better in humid environments, making them perfect for our bathrooms and, they are very adaptable in terms of light.


These type of plants love, love, love humidity, which makes them the perfect addition to your bathroom. However, they also require bright, indirect sunlight, so make sure that’s covered so they keep looking plush and green.

Monstera Deliciosa

This is a beautiful plant that makes a big statement for its big, green, fenestrated leaves. Just like its cousin, the pothos plant, it is very versatile in terms of environment and loves humidity. This plant does better in bright, indirect sunlight, but it does well with low light as well.

Heart-shaped leaf Philodendron

Another heart-shaped leave that will brighten your space and make it almost jungle-like. Just like the Pothos and the Monstera Deliciosa, this plant is very versatile, loves humidity and is very flexible with lighting requirements.


These are beautiful, colorful and cheerful tropical plants that will make any room come to life. While they do prefer high levels of humidity, they can tolerate some dryness and they will bounce back once you mist and water them.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

These small trees can grow all the way up to 6 feet tall, giving big, green, leathery leaves that make a big statement. Even though it grows somewhat tall, it comes in all sizes and will grow only as much it’s allowed by the size of its pot. This plant likes to have consistent bright light and they don’t enjoy it when are moved around too much. What makes them perfect for your bathroom is that they love warm, humid environments.


You just can’t go wrong with orchids. They are majestic, elegant and feminine flowers that add a touch of sophistication anywhere they go. They enjoy bright, indirect light and humid environments. However, they tolerate low light. These will go perfect in a warm, humid bathroom with a big window.

Plant The Future works to bring nature into your space. Our mission is to make biophilic design a staple in modern architecture and interior design. We believe that for humans to thrive, be healthy and happy, they have to be in constant contact with nature. Reason why we want to help you in the process of designing your dream home. 

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