Preserved Moss Wall Art: 3 Unique Portraits

Preserved Moss Wall Art: 3 Unique Portraits

One of the best ways to reimagine what is possible in an artistic field is through collaboration. Miami-based Plant the Future founder and artist Paloma Teppa and New York-born Andrew Antonaccio, who is best known by his alias 2Alas came together for a series of unique portraits. Teppa’s work is characterized by a fascination with botany melded with her experience in industrial design in order to create a reconnection with nature for the viewer. 2Alas’s past work includes public murals designed to be sensitive to digital interaction. This is an examination of how technology has become a part of our daily life.

About the Artistic Visions and Styles of Paloma Teppa and 2Alas

Often an artist’s previous work gives context to what they bring to a collaboration, and how their work has evolved. Take a look at some large installations by 2Alas in the past, reported on by Street Art News. You’ll see pieces that show an interest in scale, minimalism, and angular shapes.

Paloma Teppa’s work has been characterized by a fascination by a harmony with nature. From figurines to terrariums, her work delights in the surprises and secrets hidden in every garden or other natural settings.

Please enjoy exploring the works below.

For Amelie Triptych – 2Alas & Paloma Teppa Collaboration from 2017

This set of three moss portraits titled “For Amelie” is a tribute to the daughter of Paloma Teppa and Yair Marcoschamer. It is currently on display at Wynwood Gallery and the 1 Hotel Gallery. What could be a simple portrait has become a unique piece of work thanks to the use of preserved moss. This moss is harvested months or even weeks prior to the careful, hand laid work done by the artist. Enjoy green visuals without worrying about sunlight or making time for watering with this display.

Lady Swimmer- 2Alas & Paloma Teppa Collaboration from 2016

This lady swimmer portrait is a great way to add a striking dimension of creativity to your space. The interesting thing about this portrait is that this frozen moment works almost anywhere. You can imagine it in a contemporary condo, a hip restaurant, or lobby of a hotel. It has a retro vibe from the old school days of Miami Beach, making it perfect for an art collector who loves nature.

Round Eye 2Alas – Paloma Teppa Collaboration from 2017

This round eye portrait is a simple piece that integrates into any environment. Like the lady swimmer above, you will not be burdened by maintenance while you enjoy the emotional connection to greenery the work creates.

How to Obtain and Install Moss Portraits For Your Space

If you are interested in bringing preserved moss and all the simple majesty it adds to your location, we here at Plant the Future would be pleased to assist you in any way you need. Our work has enhanced and enriched a diverse range of environments, which gives us confidence that we can do the same for you. 

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