Unique Outdoor Sculptures to Complete Your Garden’s Design

Unique Outdoor Sculptures to Complete Your Garden’s Design

When you want to fill your garden or lawn with a special character all to its own, one of the best ways to do so is by choosing unique sculptures with which to decorate the space. A sculpture is an opportunity to bring the energy of an animal, gnome, or other creature associated with the power of the natural world to your outdoor location. You can complete your garden’s design by infusing it with the symbolism inherent to whatever sculpture or figurine you choose to use. Let’s explore some unique options that will bring your garden to life.

But first, what vibe should a garden have? Gardens celebrate:

  • The bounty, plenty and nourishment of nature
  • The peace and serenity of green environments
  • The companionship of humans and the natural world
  • The value of local plants and creatures

    View Some of the Best Uses of Outdoor Figurines at these Locations

    Explore how statues, figurines, and even crystals are used to decorate this private residence in Florida. Statues can add an element of surprise when they peak out under fanning plants or by the edge of a pool. You can always use a statue to fill your garden with the local character of your environment. For example, you can add an alligator statue to a Florida garden, for a local, personalized touch.

    Let’s explore the details and symbolism of some of the statues and figurines we offer.

    The Gnome: A Rugged Protector for Your Garden and Lawn

    This gnome figurine is a classic protector of all things natural. Since people have been cultivating gardens and lawns, these rugged, adorable characters have been standing guard with a little grin and a lot of positivity.

    The Seal: A Symbol of Strength and Prosperity Ideal for Any Garden

    Seals are playful creatures that are smart enough to befriend people, learn tricks, and even offer companionship similar to that of dogs. Seals are symbols of plenty and prosperity, making them an excellent character to welcome to your fruit trees, flowers, and the lawn of your home or business.

    The Yorkie Garden: Playful Energy from Man’s Best Friend

    Yorkies are adorable little dogs filled with affection and playful energy. Dogs and Yorkies, in particular, are synonymous with loyalty, affection, companionship, comfort, and energetic play. These are all wonderful elements for friends and family to experience in a garden.

    Learn More About Statues and Figurines with Help from Experts in Botanical Art and Design

    If you are intrigued by the possibility of adding these or other statues and figurines to your garden, get in touch with Plant the Future, Miami, South Florida based experts and artists in biophilic and botanical design. If you have any more questions about which statues would really help complete your garden and lawn, we would be happy to brainstorm with you. We love the creative process, and we hope that we can meet you and engage with your vision for your outdoor space. 

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