Unique Plant Gifts That Can Be Shipped Anywhere in the US

Unique Plant Gifts That Can Be Shipped Anywhere in the US

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally have an answer to the most difficult question in the universe? No, not the meaning of life question, but the “What do you get the person who has everything?” question. Plant the Future has a wonderful collection of unique answers for you. And if you doubt whether plants could be shipped, we’ve can ship moss plants anywhere in the US. The greenery will delight your guests, friends and family as the best, new companions of the year in any space you integrate them into.

These Plant Gifts Are Not Your Typical Potted Plants

Forget everything you have learned in the past about giving flowers as gifts. Plant the Future is an innovative company that has thought far beyond the department store gift box set or cut-stem flowers.

Bringing art and nature together in a breathtaking manner, Plant the Future has brought inspiration to life. For over nine years, we have been integrating plant life into corners of your world you would have never imagined for results you’ve never imagined.

Reconnect With Nature With Creative Plant Gifts

For a type-A personality, we offer what looks like a patch of grass, conjuring memories of happy childhoods and ecstatic interactions with wild animals, like deer, caterpillars, squirrels or even… a family of bunnies! Your high-stress friend will love our low-maintenance moss Magic Box Black – Bunny Family on their desk. Give the gift of a 5-second mental retreat every time their eye glances past to a stress-free world that makes them feel centered and sure of who they are.

Is there a jewelry lover on your list? Come shop our moss jewelry for a gift like the Moss Circle Pair earrings that will leave her speechless. The metal represents strength while the moss represents nurturing. This wonderful piece can be custom ordered.

We have the perfect gift for that person who has a spiritual connection with horses and lives an equestrian lifestyle. The mane and tail of our dove-white horse are of a tropical air plant Tillandsia Junceas. Not only are these wonderful gifts for horse-lovers, but they will also naturally spark conversations at your next soiree.

Stimulate Your Senses with the Scent of Nature

A harmonious living area is paramount to relaxation and healing. Our Biophilia Home Fragrance is a wonderful place to begin. Your fragrance arrives packed in a preserved moss bed. Store your spray in the moss filled box for inspiration and tranquility.

For a longer-lasting effect, try our Biophilia Candle. Combining the scent of bergamot with the energizing properties of fire, this candle will awaken your spirit.

Both products blend with our plant gifts to revive your environment and soul..

Shop Plant the Future for Inspirational Plant Gift Ideas

From soothing terrariums to exotic wall art, you will discover a new universe of gifts for anyone on your list. 

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