Yoga Room Decor: 4 Design Ideas Using Preserved Moss

Yoga Room Decor: 4 Design Ideas Using Preserved Moss

Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and focus on your belly expanding and contracting with each breath, feel yourself become lighter and lighter, to weightlessness as you now focus on your intention. This is a small phrase most yogis use during morning meditation. Your fellow yogis can experience the serenity they need by allowing preserved moss to flow through your space, opening up the airways to a cleaner environment.

Just like moss, you are always passing through stages of growth and becoming more and more resilient to your environment as you go. The addition of preserved moss will allow you and your yogis to walk on the path toward enlightenment and strength.

Moss Sacred Geometry- Pisces Eye Trinity: Finding You Third Eye

Observe the patterns occurring naturally in the universe and find that sacred geometry that guides the inner spirit. The ajna chakra, also known as the third eye opens a different part of the soul in order to acknowledge the deeper meaning of existence itself. The pisces eye trinity allows the sixth chakra to open freely throughout your meditation and bring power to your fellow yogis.

LOVE: Own It and Spread It

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, at anytime of the day, at any point in your life; and most important love comes when you least expect it. The presence of love can transform your sacred yoga room to a space that radiates the most powerful emotion in the world. The emotion that drives much of life, our LOVE moss sign exemplifies the boldness of this emotion and can drive the people in the yoga room to own it and spread the love.

Moss Sacred Geometry- Star Tetrahedron: Balance Your Spirit

The practice of yoga goes back more than 5,000 years ago to simpler times where the aim was focused on connecting the inner spirit with the physical. Consider purchasing our star tetrahedron to complement the two halves of existence: the positive and the negative to form the equilibrium necessary to find peace in your yoga sanctuary.

Natural Wood Through Moss: Stimulate Your Sacred Space

Stimulate the energy in your yoga room with the addition of a natural wood through moss preservation to set charged crystals on. Moss was the first plant to emerge to land from the sea, its resilience led to its uproar in the natural world. Preserved moss will allows your healing crystals to be with nature as you guide your yogis through different  meditational poses.

Interested in Additional Products For the Mind, Body, and Soul

Eager to collaborate with you, Plant the Future offers a wide array of meditational healing products including geometric moss wall art, crystal terrariums, magic chakra boxes and air purifying plants.

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