GoDaddy recently caught up with Paloma Teppa, the visionary behind Plant the Future, a unique blend of art, whimsy, and nature nestled in Miami's Little River Arts District. Unlike your typical nursery or florist, Plant the Future is where greenery meets artistry, offering everything from wearable plant-based art to large-scale preserved moss murals. Paloma's work has spruced up places from Starbucks in various states to co-working spaces in Manhattan and swanky hotels in New York and Florida.

For Paloma, Plant the Future is more than a business; it's her way of spreading well-being through nature. Born in Córdoba, Argentina, and having lived in Italy, Paloma's lifelong peace has been found in nature's embrace. This realization led her to merge her industrial design background and love for art, creating living spaces that heal.

At Plant the Future, Paloma and her team are all about designing, making art, and decorating with plants. They cater to a wide range of spaces - from homes to hotels and even airports, ensuring people have positive experiences with plants in both private and commercial settings. Recently, they've even started offering plant workshops and a subscription-based plant program to spread the green love further.

Paloma's journey to Miami and her mission to bring nature into the concrete jungle is a testament to her passion. She believes big cities, where nature isn't readily accessible, need this connection the most. Her work is a fusion of her love for art and nature, influenced by her father, an artist, and her studies in industrial design and fine arts.

The most rewarding part of her venture? Witnessing people's delight when they connect with nature, a connection she describes as opening a door that can't be closed again. As an entrepreneur, she's learned to tackle obstacles head-on, embracing the challenges as part of the growth process.

GoDaddy has been a significant boost, helping Paloma share her mission with a wider audience. She appreciates GoDaddy's support, viewing it as a gift from Mother Nature herself. This partnership allows her to dream of working remotely, maybe even from the Amazon rainforest one day, using technology to stay connected while being surrounded by nature.

Being part of GoDaddy's "#maketheworldyouwant" campaign is a blessing for Paloma. She sees it as a progressive move by GoDaddy to invest in individuals with a vision for change rather than opting for traditional celebrity endorsements. This approach aligns with her mission to reconnect people with nature and, ultimately, with their souls. Paloma dreams of a world where people live in harmony with nature, inspired by Mother Nature's biophilia and biomimicry, and she's on a mission to make that dream a reality, one garden at a time. Her advice to dreamers? Dive into your mission, despite the vulnerability and pain, because that's where you'll find your light.

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