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At the bustling Brickell City Centre in Miami, a crowd gathered, not just for shopping but to catch a glimpse of soccer legends like Paolo Maldini and stars such as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Well, sort of. Their faces were there, at least, crafted out of moss by Paloma Teppa of Plant the Future and local muralist Andrew Antonaccio. This blend of soccer and Mother Nature marked a unique moment, highlighting the universal appeal of soccer and the beauty of nature combined.

Plant the Future, a botanical art gallery founded by Argentine Paloma Teppa, isn't your average florist shop. It's a place where art meets nature, creating stunning pieces from wearable art to large-scale murals, all while emphasizing the connection with nature. Teppa's work has found its way into various spaces, from Starbucks across several states to luxurious hotels and private residences, showcasing her passion for well-being through nature.

The excitement around the soccer match between Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona at Hard Rock Stadium, the first El Clásico played on American soil, was palpable. With tickets reaching sky-high prices, the match attracted 66,014 attendees, eager to witness Barcelona's 3-2 victory. This event, part of the International Champions Cup, wasn't just about the game but also about the cultural exchange it facilitated, from authentic Spanish cuisine at Casa Clásico to celebrity sightings and mixed martial arts events themed around the Barcelona-Madrid rivalry.

For Teppa, this was more than just an opportunity to showcase her art; it was a chance to connect people with nature in the midst of a soccer frenzy. The portraits, though unsure if seen by the actual players, served as a bridge between the sports world and environmental consciousness, sowing the seeds of fascination for soccer while promoting a greener, more sustainable world.

This blend of sports, art, and nature in Miami's vibrant atmosphere underscores a growing trend of integrating environmental awareness into popular cultural events. It's a testament to Teppa's vision with Plant the Future, aiming to make the world a greener place, one project at a time. Through her partnership with GoDaddy and her innovative approach to botanical art, Teppa is not just creating unique spaces around the globe but also fostering communities that are more connected to nature and to each other, celebrating the power of plants to heal and inspire.

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