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Simple ways to design a biophilic home

Simple ways to design a biophilic home
Biophilic design is a modern way of designing your dream space, in which you integrate the magic and softness of nature into your home in order to enhance your life. This is done by incorporating natural elements that play on different senses. This could be playing the sound of running water or birds inside your space; or using materials like wood or plants around your home. The idea is to be creative and let your imagination flow, so you can reap the benefits of nature from the comfort of your own home.

Today, we will give you a few tips and ideas for incorporating biophilia into your space through biophilic design.


As we stated previously, biophilia is about incorporating nature into your space. That takes different meanings in modern design. In current interior design, bright, open spaces are very trendy. It makes the room appear larger and gives a feeling of peace, serenity and grandiosity. In addition, allowing air to flow through the space makes you feel in contact with the world around you, grounding you and making you feel at peace.

To achieve this you can install big windows that take up most of the wall. Avoid doing this on the side of the house that is warmest because a lot of light will only contribute to the warmth of the area. The good thing about large windows is that you will save power since you won’t turn on the lights or heater as much, making your house more sustainable.


Organic materials are preferred over synthetic variations because human receptors can sense the difference. Consequently, minimally processed materials are preferred whenever possible. This is easily achieved by adding elements like wooden tables and walls, or even a streaming of water, like a fountain. They add a natural visual, but also feel organic to the touch and smell. This is highly beneficial as they stimulate several senses, amplifying the benefits of biophilia.

However, if you don’t have the option of doing major renovations, you can easily incorporate natural materials in the form of plants. The great thing is that the variety of plants, colors and textures is infinite. You can be sure there will be something for everybody. You can check out our tabletop and floor plants in our online store. If you feel like getting more creative, moss or living walls are the way to go. In addition, moss art is also on the rise. 


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