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Black Buddha Head No. 3

Black Buddha Head No. 3

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The Smokey Quartz Buddha Garden by Paloma Teppa, is a new series of limited edition sculptural garden pieces available exclusively at our gallery in Little River. Each piece contains a number of powerful Smokey Quartz crystals, renowned for their grounding properties, promoting emotional balance and connection with the earth. Amidst the crystalline beauty, the Buddha statues bring forth a symbol of inner calm and mindfulness that inspire the journey within, inviting moments of reflection and peace. The statues sit on a bed of locally sourced, painted Keystone rocks that connect to the energy of the land. 

The Buddha statues, with their serene expressions, serve as gentle reminders to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness in our daily lives. Whether placed in a garden, patio, or meditation space, these sculptures transform the surroundings into a tranquil retreat, encouraging a deeper connection with nature and oneself.


11" H X 13" D
Each plant is unique and will vary based on availability.

Care Instructions

Place in bright indirect light, such as near a window or glass door. Make sure the arrangement is not direct sunlight as this may burn the plants.
Start by watering once a month. Using a spray water bottle, spray each plant 3-5 times from the top towards the bottom of the plants. Make sure the water spray evenly throughout the arrangement. Use a paper towel if necessary to clean the container. Let dry out completely between watering.
It is natural for each plant to have a different growth cycle. You may request a renovation service at any of our galleries and can replace as many plants as necessary.



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