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Hanging Fireball Bromeliads on Trunk

Hanging Fireball Bromeliads on Trunk

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This unique ceiling or tree-mounted hanging arrangement features a cluster of Fireball Bromeliads tied on a wooden branch, covered with preserved moss and live Spanish Moss.

The arrangement is best used outdoors in humid conditions and can be placed in the shade or partial sun. It is ideal for garden patios, terraces, balconies, and under large trees. The red "fireball" color is enhanced with exposure to the sun a few hours a day. Full sun exposure during peak noon/afternoon hours should be limited to 2-3 hours per day.

Each piece comes with a stainless steel cable and hook for easy hanging. Watering is recommended to be done with a hose 2-3 times a week by spraying water on the leaves and allowing the water to accumulate inside the plant.



Care Instructions

Recommended for outdoors. This plant prefers full or partial sunlight. Allow rain to water plants naturally or add two cups of water per week with a spray bottle during dry periods.


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