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Lladró Porcelain - Gorilla With Airplants (White)

Lladró Porcelain - Gorilla With Airplants (White)

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Lladró is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of porcelain art creations. This exclusive collaboration between Lladro and Plant the Future currently features porcelain art animal planters, brought to life with airplants. Gorilla represent honor, compassion and leadership. This figurine can be placed on a pedestal, as a centerpiece on a table or on a small stand. Airplants last much longer than cut flowers and have a modern touch to that is great for a contemporary style home or office.


Approximately 26" H x 8.5" L x 9" W
Container: 14" H x 8.5" W x 9" D.
Plants: Up to 12” in height. All plants are unique and will vary based on availability.

Care Instructions

Airplants require a place with bright light that will allow them to breathe and grow, such as near a window. They thrive on humidity but not excessive water. Although airplants can live in nature more than 30 years, growing indoors you can expect them to live 4 - 6 months.
To water them, tilt the figurine slightly on its side and with a spray bottle, spray the airplants thoroughly once a week. Use a paper towel to absorb excess water from the moss immediately as it may stain the figurine. Allow the airplants to dry out after watering.
It is natural for each plant to have a different growth cycle. You may request a renovation service at any of our galleries and can replace as many plants as necessary.


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