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Moss World Map 4' x 6'

Moss World Map 4' x 6'

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Our first mother is mother earth. She is a mother to all humans without distinction and discrimination. Across all continents and cultures, we are all one with Earth.

Moss was the first plant to emerge from the ocean and conquer the land. It is a natural indicator of direction, used for navigation as they grow on the north side of trunks in nature. Moss brings the calmness and peace of the forest into your life. Its silence will allow you to hear your inner voice. Moss invites you to connect with your feeling of touch.
This moss piece can bring harmony to any room where it's placed. Just like a painting or framed picture, you can hang this artwork on any wall. 


48" H x 72" L x x 4" W
Ready to hang artwork

Care Instructions

This piece is made from preserved moss and does not require any watering or sunlight. It can be lightly sprayed with water upon arrival to its new home and then once every three months to refresh and fluff the moss. Place the piece indoors or in a covered spot outdoors, keeping away from direct sunlight and exposure to rain. Do not place it in front of an AC/heater vent as the extreme temperature will affect the moss. Do not touch moss excessively. To remove dust that may accumulate over time, we recommend blowing soft air with a vacuum in reverse or lightly removing it with a damp paper towel.


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