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Round Ceramic Low White - Eve's Pin Cactus Garden

Round Ceramic Low White - Eve's Pin Cactus Garden

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This garden is a magical desert ecosystem features. The plants require very low maintenance as they are used to living in the drought of the desert. This garden can be placed on a pedestal, as a centerpiece on a table or on a small stand.


Approximately 16” H x 14”D

Each plant is unique and will vary height based on availability.

Care Instructions

Place in bright indirect light, such as near a window or glass door. Make sure the arrangement is not direct sunlight as this may burn the plants.
Start by watering once a month. Using a spray water bottle, spray each plant 3-5 times from the top towards the bottom of the plants. Make sure the water spray evenly throughout the arrangement. Use a paper towel if necessary to clean the container. Let dry out completely between watering.
It is natural for each plant to have a different growth cycle. You may request a renovation service at any of our galleries and can replace as many plants as necessary.



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